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Five teams – 140, 141, 142, 143, 144 groups of Finance and Economy School have participated in Competition on Micro Economics.

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A director of the school Batbayar B., the teachers – Odgerel O., Munkhdul D., Dashdeleg D., Davaadah B., Zayamunkh D. have organized the competition.


Result of the competition:

  • The 1-st place: 144-group by 53 scores;
  • The 2-nd place: 141-group by 43,9 scores;
  • The 3-rd place: 143-group by 39,3 scores.

A student of the 143 group Uyanga N. and a student of the 142 group Baasanbat Kh. have selected as the best fans and were awarded by textbook “Marketing basics”.


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