Informational technology is expression of development basis of all fields of the countries.

We have been carrying out educational and teaching activities for 11 years, and have been preparing qualified specialists – programmers, graphic-designers, engineers and technical workers with high knowledge and professional skills. Our lecturer try that all graduate students could satisfy modern society requirements.

We wish all the Best and Good luck our colleagues, graduates and students!

(Director Dulamsuren D.)


Since 2006 we had operated as Information Technology Department of Ikh Zasag International School with 7 teachers and 60 students. The first graduation had occurred in 2007. The department has started to operate as Information Technology School from 2006. The School was renamed as Computer and Management School (CMS) in 2012.

The advantages

The School conducts complex activities beginning from theoretical knowledge given in the auditoriums to practical and industrial service to develop appropriate skills of students.

Tourism and Business Management School organizes every year scientific conference “Tourism – Key To Development” with a goal to form students as individuals, to develop their research abilities among Mongolian universities and institutes operating their activities in tourism field.

The School organizes next activities for involving the students to research works, to develop their profession, to implement theoretical knowledge in practical life every year as tradition:

  • 14-days practice with route Ulaanbaatar – Orkhon province; Kharkhorum – Khorgo – Terkh White Lake – Ulaanbaatar;
  • 7-days journey to celebrate the World Tourism Day from September 27 every year;
  • Ikh Zasag – Turiad adventures hiking competition;
  • 7-days introduction practice for 2-years students with route Gorkh – Terelj Natural Park with local research work;
  • 2-4 months on-field practice for 4-years students in state and private tourism service organizations within cooperating agreements.
  • Student Exchange Programs with foreign universities and institutes (Jeju College of Technology of Republic of Korea).
  • On-field practice in Tourist Camps operated under the IZIU: – “Terelj-Bumban Tour” located in Gorkhi – Terelj Natural Park and in “Khunnu – Khuduu Aral” located in Khentii province with a goal to combine theoretical and practical knowledge.
  • 3-weeks joint expedition and scientific tour of lecturers and students with a view of special interest and in Gobi desert areas of Mongolia organized by Local Studies and Tourism Department.
  • We have 4 Computer laboratories equipped with latest technology
  • The School creates favorable environment for studying.
  • Everystudent has accessto a personal computer with high speed Internet Network.
  • We have three dormitories with capacity to accommodate 500 students.
  • Comprehensive Education Programme creates opportunities to give the students harmonious education.

Student Organizations

Next student organizations have been operating on a voluntary basis at Tourism and Business Management School:

  • English Speakers Club;
  • Fishing and Sport Travel Club;
  • “Compass” Professional Orientation Club;
  • “Eco”Adventures and Sport Travel Club;
  • “Green Face” Club.
  • Chess Club “King”;
  • Software Club “Linux”;
  • Graphic Design Club “Idea”;
  • Graphic Design Club “Idea”;
  • Graphic Design Club “PSD”.

Implemented Programs:

1Tourism Economic Management4 yearsGeography
2Foreign Language – Tourism
(with English-Japanese and English-Korean Languages)
4 yearsGeography, foreign language
3Hotel and Restaurant Management 4 yearsForeign language Geography
4History – Tourism4 yearsGeography
5Land Utilization 4 yearsGeography
6Computer Software4 yearsMathematics
7Computer Hardware4 yearsMathematics
8Computer Graphic Design4 yearsMathematics
9Nano Science Engineering4 yearsPhysics, Chemistry


Management Team of Computer and Management School consists of a director Dulamsuren D., a head of studend services Batjargal B., curator Buyankhishig M., a head of Information Technology Department doctorate Jargalmaa D., senior lecturers – Munkhsoyol B., Urtnasan Sh., Gan-Erdene N.

About 20 lecturers have been implementing educational and training activities at the School and 70% of them have academic degrees.

Shinetulga D. – a head of student services, Chuluunbileg.D, Head of History and Tourism Department

The School has 12 foreign and domestic faculties and 96% of them have Master and above degrees, it conducts its educational and training activities with to prepare its graduates with high knowledge of foreign language and the ability to compete in the World Labour market. Every year the School turns out 150-200 graduates and 85% of them are provided by work places.