We are very glad that you living in new era of information, communication and technology have chosen to study at our School.

We’ll give you real complex education. We’ll prepare skilled staff met the requirements of modern labour market.


Economy and Accounting School was founded in 2002 under Ikh Zasag International University and started to conduct educational and training activities for preparing specialists with Bachelor degree on a field of accounting. It has been expanded since 2006-2007 Academic Year. About 1600 students have been studying at the School for next specialties– business economy, business management, accounting, banking economy, taxation accounting, customs and taxation economy.

The advantages

  • We prepare specialists on the fields of business economy, accounting, banking, insurance, customs and taxation which have acquired an ability to work in all spheres of business and  demanded in today’s labour market.
  • The students study except basic and professional subjects – business English, Computer and Law by additional program.
  • We allow the students to participate in competitions, scientific conferences organized by professional organizations; provide financial support.
  • We support the activities of students’ organizations which are helpful to develop their ability to work independently, to practice theoretical knowledge, to spend free time properly.
  •  More than 80% of graduates are employed.

Student organizations:

Next students organizations have been working at Economy and Accounting School:

  • Student – Accountant Club;
  • Young Researcher Club;
  • Young Economist Club;
  • Young Life Club;
  • “Customs edu” Club.

Implemented Programs:

1Accounting4 yearsMathematics
2Banking economy and accounting4 yearsMathematics
3Customs and taxation economy4 yearsMathematics
4Business economy4 yearsMathematics
5Business Management 4 yearsMathematics
6Taxation accounting4 yearsMathematics


Management Team of Economy and Accounting School consists of a director Oyun L., a Head of student services, Davaasuren J., curator Munkhbayar M., Tserenbyamba A., a head of Ecomony and Busienss Department Elbegzaya D., a head of Accounting Department Bibish A. and a head of English Language Department Myagmarsuren N. About 30 lecturers have been implementing educational and training activities at the school and 90% of them have academic degrees including ScD. Navaan N., PhD Odgerel B., PhD Jargalsaikhan Ts., PhD Davaasuren D., PhD Buyantogtokh Ts. and a team of doctors and professors.