Ikh Zasag Vocational Centre was founded under the Ikh Zasag International University with a goal to prepare qualified and skilled workers who could meet therequirementsofthe21st Century. Our Centre based on material resources and rich experience of IZIU are going to meet the 20-th Anniversary with great success and achievements.

We wish our staff and students all the best!

(Director Davaadorj M.) 


Ikh Zasag Vocational Training Centre was established by initiative of the President of Ikh Zasag International University, doctor, professor, Meritorious Teacher of Mongolia Nyam-Osor N. in 2007. We have been carrying out educational and training activities for 7 years.

Ikh Zasag Vocational Training Centre has 300 graduates and 80% of them are employed.

The advantages

  • We have two Computer laboratories equipped with modern technology, connected with high speed Internet.
  • There are 10 auditoriums meet the requirements of modern teaching standard in the Center.
  • We have 3 dormitories with capacity to accommodate 500 students.
  • Teaching staff consists of highly qualified teachers and specialists and 70 of them have Master Degree.
  • We have been implementing complex education programme which allows the students to obtain appropriate education.
  • Training andevaluationsystem based on capacity gives an opportunity to improve quality and result of vocational training activities.

Implemented Programmes

1Electronic equipment service worker2.5 yearsSecondary education
2Office management officer, secretary1 yearsSecondary education
3Office management officer, secretary2.5 yearsSecondary education
4Printing designer2.5 yearsSecondary education
5Financier and accountant assistant1 yearsSecondary education
6Trade worker1 yearsSecondary education
7Account and salary bookkeeper1 yearsSecondary education

Our graduates can work as:

  • computer operator;
  • secretary;
  • archive worker;
  • typesetter;
  • office manager;
  • electronic equipment worker;
  • designer;
  • economic assistant;
  • finance and accounting assistant;
  • trade worker;
  • bookkeeper.