1994. May

  • The Governing Board`s meeting of “Khunnu” LLC made a decision to establish institute of Mongolian Management and Technology.

The 1st of September

  • Institute of Mongolian Management and Technology was established in 1st of September, 1994 with 4 full-time teachers, 7 part-time teachers and 42 students. It was a foundation of Ikh Zasag International University.

1995. The 3rd of March

  • Institute of Mongolian Management and Technology was changed Mongolian Management Institute by order of Director, “Khunnu” LLC.
  • Badarch.S, associate doctor and professor, was appointed in Director of Mongolian Management Institute.

1996. The 14th of February

  •  Mongolian Management Institute was renamed “Ikh Zasag” law Institute. The institute was registered by 29th order of Minister of Enlightment Ministry.

The 20th of May

  • “Ikh Zasag” Law Institute consisted of Department of Civil Law and Department of Criminal Law. Awirmed.E, associate doctor, was appointed in head of Civil Law Department, Awhia.J, doctor, was appointed in Head of Criminal Law Derartment.

1997. In December

  • Tsidenjapov.B.Ts, Honored lawyer of Russian Federation,  and Dashiev.B.Ts, Member of Supreme court, visited to “Ikh Zasag” University.

 1998. In Janauary

  • “Ikh Zasag” newspaper was registered in Mongolian Registration Center.

In March

  • Foreign Relations Office of Ikh Zasag University was organized and Baasanjargal.D was appointed in head of Foreign Relations Office.

In April

  • Delegates of Soros Foundation visited to “Ikh Zasag” law institute.
  • The first 24 alumni graduated from “Ikh Zasag”law institute. 95% of the alumni had good grades.

In April- August

  • The new 3 – floor building of “Ikh Zasag” institute was built in 4 khoroo, Bayanzurkh district.

In April

  • Monument of Chinggis khan was built in front of new building of “Ikh Zasag” law institute.

In September

  • Bagabandi. N, President of Mongolia visited and met with teachers and students.


  • Avhia.J, Colonel and General, teacher of Ikh Zasag Institute was awarded Honored Lawyer of Mongolia.

1999. In March

  • Delegates of Hebei University visited in “Ikh Zasag” Institute.

In September

  • Battur.B, Minister of Enlightment, visited in Ikh Zasag Institute.  and met with teachers and students.

2000. March

  • The Minister of Justice Dash.Ganbold visited Ikh Zasag Institute and met with representatives of the prospective student.


  • President Nyam-Osor.N was awarded with “Polar” medal.
  • Nobumitsu Noda, Vice –President of Soose group, visited in “Ikh Zasag” Institute.

The 1st of September

  • “Ikh zasag” Institute was named after Chinggis khan.
  • “Ikh Zasag” Institute became university by order of Minister of Enlightment.


  • Postgraduate office was founded under “ Ikh Zasag” University.

The 15th of November

  • Branch school of Republic of Buryatia, RussianFederation was founded under “Ikh Zasag” University.


  • 10th anniversary of “ Khunnu” LLC

2001. July

  • Zundui.D, Lawyer, Head of Civil Dpartment, was awarded as Distinguished Lawyer of Mongolia by decree of Presicent of Mongolia.

 2002. The 1st of September

  • Branch School of Tourism Management and Economics and Accounting were established.

2003. May

  • Internet Center with 150 computers was opened.

 2004. September

  • Kim Yung Khi,  Mayor of Namyanju city, visited to “Ikh Zasag” University


  • New premise of the second campus of IZU was opened.


  • 10th anniversary of “Ikh Zasag” University.

2005. May

  • Nyamdorj.Ts , Minister of Justice, Member of Ikh Khural, visited to the second campus of IZIS.


  • Nyam – Osor.N, President of IZU, Tsetsegmaa.J, Vice –president of IZU and representative of students visited to the Khebei University.

2006. July

  • Nyam-Osor.N, President of IZU, was awarded as Meritorious Teacher of Mongolia by decree of President of Mongolia.

2007. The 3rd of September

  • New premise of Law School was opened.


  • New Dormitory accommodation and Sport hall were opened.


  •  Branch school of IZU was founded in Bayankhongor province.
  • President of Kyonggi, Republic of Korea, visited to the IZU.


  • “Ikh Zasag-Temuujin” kindergarden was established.
  • “Superstudent” scholarship project was organized.


  •  “Royal” HD TV has started its operation.
  • Students Service Centers were opened in the fisrt and second campus of IZU.


  • The best 20 participants of Superstudent scholarship project were selected.