President, “Meritorious Teacher” of Mongolia,
Doctor (Sc.D), Prof. NYAM-OSOR NAMSRAI


I, hereby send my warmest regards by the following poem verses:

The Ikh Zasag International University named after Chinggis khaan is the main resource of our great ancestors
The Ikh Zasag International University was established under the eternal blue sky of Mongolia
The Ikh Zasag International University is an educational hub of Mongolia
The Ikh Zasag International University is the castle which helps its students to achieve their dream and make it happens.

We’re proud of that our University is called by the great Mongolian Code “Ikh Zasag”. It means “Great Governance”. It is nice to mention that spirit of the Great Chinggis Khaan and ancestors have been blessing us in terms of our success; academic and educational activities. The Code “Ikh Zasag” represents intellectual and eternal creation of Mongols. The value of the Code personifies core principles for responsibility and social morality of the Mongolian statehood in the 13th century. The Great Chinggis khaan claimed that “Whenever Mongolia implements the Code “Ikh Zasag”, we would keep the strength and exist in the world. ”We, staff of Ikh Zasag International University, respect morality, loyalty and responsibility. Thus, I strongly believe that whole contents of the Code “Ikh Zasag” are definitely implemented in our university functions.
I wish Mongolian descendents and future generations who exist in the Central Asia and followers of the great Chinggis khaan all the best.