Academic board under the Ikh Zasag International University has been working since its establishment. Regarding Mongolian Law on Higher Education Academic Board leading its activities on next issues: to define training and research work tendency, to evaluate and consider its theoretic a methodological level, significance and efficiency, to improve and support research work potential of lecturers, magistracies and doctorates. Academic Board’s member is a chairman and deputy chairman, scientific secretary and members are doctors and professors who work at the university, also leading scientists from other universities and institutions, scientific, public and nongovernmental organizations. For example, Meritorious Lawyer of Mongolia, doctor, Professor J. Avkhia, doctor and professor T Sengedorj, J. Jalbajav, professor Ts. Budkhand, and deputy chairman of Constitutional Court, Meritorious Lawyer of Mongolia, doctor, professor N. Jantsan had worked and have been working at our Academic Board. From January 2014 Academic Board works with new staff. 39 scientists with different specialties join into new staff. The President of Ikh Zasag International University and Meritorious Teacher of Mongolia doctor, professor Nyam-Osor Namsrai is appointed as a Chairman of Academic Board.   Professor’s team works under Academic Board. Professor’s Team advices new and young teachers, learners, magistracies and doctorates in training content, methodology and technology, research method. Academic Board works by its working order and the main form of its activities is meeting. (Working order of Academic Board is attached.) Academic Board’s member is involved to the university’s activities by next directions:

  1.  To assist in setting policy and tendency of scientific, experimental and creative works, improving theoretic-methodological level.
  2. To lead the research works of magistracies and doctorates.
  3. To work as members of academic degree defense committee.
  4. To carry on magistracies and doctorates professional training and seminars, to lead independent works.

Chairman of Academic Board: Nyam-Osor N. – ScD, professor, President of IZIU, Meritorious Teacher of Mongolia

Deputy Chairman of Academic Board: Gelegjamts – Doctor, professor, Director in charge of Scientific research

Scientific secretary: Batmunkh Ts. – doctor, professor, chief of training office of Erdem School, IZIU

The members:

  1. Tsetsegmaa J. – ScD, professor, Vice President of IZIU
  2. Uchral N. – PhD, Chairman of Governing Board of IZIU, President of Royal Academy
  3. Baatar Ch. – doctor, professor, consultant of the President of IZIU
  4. Bayarkhuu G. – Doctor in Law, professor
  5. Sengedorj T. ScD in Law, professor
  6. Gantulga B. PhD, professor, head of department of the Ministry of Science and Education
  7. Dashdavaa J. – doctor, professor, – lecturer of Fine Arts, Design and Technology School
  8. Narmandakh P. – doctor, professor, consultant-professor of Tourism and Business Management School
  9. Danzandorj D. – professor, lecturer of Law School of IZIU
  10. Tumurchudur D. – doctor, professor, lecturer of Economy and Accounting School
  11. Buyantogtokh Kh. – doctor, professor, consultant of Jeasan-Chinggis Khaan Foreign Language and Culture School
  12. Khaisandai L. – doctor, professor, Consultant of International Relations Institute of Academy of Science
  13. Munkhjargal T. – doctor, professor, consultant-professor of Mongolian National University
  14. Dolgorsuren J. – ScD, professor, consultant-professor of National Institute of Law
  15. Norjvaanchig B. – doctor, professor, lecturer of Jeasan-Chinggis Khaan Foreign Language and Culture School
  16. Dashzeveg Kh. – doctor, professor, mentor of an international project
  17. Dashzeveg B. – doctor, professor, international analyst
  18. Davaadorj G. – doctor, professor, an officer of Scientific-Research Center of Emergency Situation Agency
  19. Tsedev P. – doctor, professor, consultant of Defense University
  20. Jargalsaikhan Ch. – doctor, professor, an officer of Customs Office of Civil Aviation
  21. Damba S. – doctor, professor
  22. Dagvajamts G. – doctor, professor, a lecturer of Chinggis-Soosei International Relations School
  23. Batbayar Ts. – doctor, professor, head of department of Foreign Affairs Ministry
  24. Uvgunburged J. – doctor, assistant professor, scientific research officer of Boundary Affairs Board
  25. Munkhbold G. – doctor, assistant professor, head of magistracies and doctorates office, Law-Enforcement University
  26. Khandsuren D. – doctor, assistant professor, lecturer of Computer Management School of IZIU
  27. Oyunchimeg Kh. – doctor in Cultural Studies, lecturer of Tourism and Business Management School
  28. Damdin P. – Doctor in Army and Defense, lecturer of IZIU
  29. Sumiya G. – doctor, a member of Governing Board of IZIU
  30. Batsuuri Ts. – doctor, lecturer of Tourism and Business Management School
  31. Bat-erdene B. – doctor, director of Law-Enforcement University
  32. Gantumur G. – doctor, deputy director of Law-Enforcement University
  33. Gantulga N. – doctor, director of Judicial Decision School, Law Enforcement University
  34. Narmandakh B. – docor, head of department Law Enforcement University
  35. Uuganbolor G. – PhD in Law, an officer ofGeneral prosecutors Board
  36. Davaasuren N. – Doctor in Management, an officer of General Customs Board.