Rules of students’ dormitory of Ikhzasag International University

The rules of the students’ dormitory was reapproved in accordance with the appendix No 13, Resolution No 01 by the Board of Directors of Ikhzasag International University on the 31-Jan-2012. The dormitory rules is the part of documentation to regulate the dormitory operations based on the Ikhzasag International University rules and regulations. The resident students are obliged to abide with the rules on daily basis. Currently, there are over 600 students residing in our 3 student dormitories. The dormitory is provided with the common facilities including leisure room, library, buffet, bathroom, and kitchen. We can guarantee that our dormitories fully provide the students with comfortable living environment. /Documentation of dormitory rules is enclosed/

Contract with the resident students

The rector of Ikhzasag International University approved the contract format with the resident students in 2008. The contract is concluded with the students who want to reside in the student dormitory. The contract has been formulated on the basis of related laws in Mongolia, regulations of Ikhzasag University, and the rules of student dormitory. The contract regulates the relationship between the resident student and the university. /Revised version of the contract is enclosed/

Rules of Dormitory in Ikhzasag International University

The present rules is the document to regulate the dormitory operations and it is based on Ikhzasag International University’s regulations, and rules. Every student to reside at the student dormitory will abide the following rules.

  1. Must follow the dormitory rules by fulfilling the disciplinary requirements of the dormitory teachers, and managers, members of the dormitory council, contracted security officers, janitors.
  2. The resident students must stay in their rooms clean, and organized
  3. The students must preserve the dormitory properties from abusive use
  4. In case of any abusive use of the properties, the actual cost of the property will be compensated 3 times more. If the person who damaged the property unidentified, the damage will be compensated from all students’ housing deposit
  5. There shall be no consumption, storage or sale of alcoholic beverages, cereal malt beverages or illegal drugs, spitting or any impolite actions in the housing area. Those Students found in violation of this regulation are subject to dismissal from the housing area and remittance on unused rent will not be refunded.
  6. There shall be no illegal actions in the housing area including fighting, arguing, stealing, robbery, or bullying. If those ones who violate the regulation will be excluded from the university and the case will be solved by any authorized body according to the related law
  7. Any visitors are prohibited in the dormitory. If it is necessary, a visitor is allowed only for a certain hours with the permission of the dormitory supervisor, security officer, and a receptionist. The visitor will leave a document at the receptionist desk.
  8. Always put rubbish in provided rubbish bins. Avoid the toilets blocked, or make the toilets and bathroom areas filthy. If there is water leaking, or other properties damaged due to the violence of this rule, find the person who is guilty and have the damage compensated. If the guilty person is unidentified, the damage will be compensated from all students’ housing deposit.
  9. It is strictly prohibited to visit other rooms, make loud noise and disturb the others after 12:00 p.m
  10.  No off campus visitors or going out of the dormitory after 10:00 p.m. in winter and after 11:00 p.m in spring allowed except any exceptional excuse.
  11. The students will be abided with special regulations when visiting the dormitory library
  12. Students in each room will be on duty according to the timetable. The students on duty will be in charge of duty on call from 5:00 p.m-10 p.m. If the student fails to perform the duty or unsatisfactory performance, the duty will be extended the next day.