Students’ social events

Besides taking considerations on students’ academic and scientific research, the University organizes annual sport and cultural events for educating behaviors and morality, developing personal talents of students. For instance: “Students’ Autumn” basketball championship and cultural festival, “Students’ Spring” volleyball championship, Poetry festival “Poem is my heart spirits” named after Mongolian well-known poet Nyambuu Nyamdorj, championship of Mongolian national wrestling named after Mongolian famous wrestler, “Arslan” Jambal Khaidav and etc.

We co-organize friendly sport and cultural events with Hebei University of China, Inner Mongolia Normal University of China and Law Institute of Irkutsk State University of Russia which cooperate with us. As a result of our collaborations, students have opportunities to meet and learn from each other and exchange their knowledge more. Particularly, our team always admire for our contributions towards strengthening mutual understandings between the nations.


IZIU organizes a number of sport and cultural events to activate the students, to make more creative their free time. For example, the biggest sport event is Olympic Games organized in April every year. During Olympic Games about 800 hundred students- athletes compete in 20 species such as basketball, volleyball, football, table tennis and track-and field athletics for 250 medals.

This Olympic Games of IZIU takes place in the biggest Sport House in Ulaanbaatar – “Buyant Ukhaa” Sport Complex and 7500 fans view this event.


Ikh Zasag International University realizes “Comprehensive Education” Program and for the purpose to develop the students aesthetic precise sensitivity. This festival is organized under the universal motto and theme in connection with the events every year. About 1000 students of nine branch schools participate for 12 nominations: the best singer, the best dancer etc.  “Student Autumn” Festival” takes a place in the biggest auditorium – UB Palace where has been organized performances of leading cultural and art “stars” – artists.


One of the goals of Ikh Zasag International University is to prepare the individuals with comprehensive education and civil potentials for the society. “Super Student” Reality Show is an expression of this policy to prepare its graduates to their future life. All students of the university get involved to this project. The criteria of “Super Student” Project are speed and power, talent creativity, knowledge and erudition, foreign language and other. The 20 students- winners of this project are awarded to study at the best universities of the USA, Republic of Korea, Japan, Peoples Republic of China and Cyprus.


Ikh Zasag International University organizes a lot of activities to intensify and involve its students in scientific and research field. IZIU has its own methodology to develop students’ education and thoughts. The biggest international conference organized by Ikh Zasag International University is an International Conference – “Ikh Zasag – Modernity” by its range and framework. The students and lecturers of the leading universities of Mongolia participate in this conference.