We welcome our teaching staff, workers, students, all graduates and cooperating organizations on the occasion of the 20-th Anniversary of Ikh Zasag International University!

Graduate School has been implementing Bachelor, Master and PhD Programmes in Law, Bachelor and Master Degrees Programmes in Accounting, Master Degree Programme in Tourism and PhD Programme in History. Also there are correspondence classes for Lawyer and Accountants with Bachelor Degree at the school. We have branch schools in Darkhan and Erdenet. Our goal is to implement advanced technology – online education and give the learners an opportunity to learn without time and space limit.

(Director Nergui.Kh )


Our Master Degree and Correspondence classes started to carry out teaching activities in November 2000. Our graduates have been working in legal organizations successfully. For example: a head of Inspection Control Department of the districts Prosecutor’s Office  Buyannemekh M., a judge of Appellate Court for Criminal Cases Purevsuren M., Deputy Prosecutor of The Prosecutor’s Office of districts Batbold P., Investigation section of Arkhangai province’s Police Tuguldur G., an attorney, a member of Bar’s Association Enkhmandakh T., prosecutor of Ulaanbaatar city’s Prosecutor Office Sansar Z., Zolboo A., Nyamsuren, a chief of Inspetion Service of Anti Corruption Board Sukh-Ochir L., a judge of Administrative Court Khaliunbayar E., a prosecutor of Saikhan soum, Selenge province Delgersaikhan T. have been working successfully.

The advantages

  • The learners have an opportunity to study without leaving jobs as well as our classes are carried out on weekends.
  • We have highly qualified and skilled lecturers and 80% of them have academic degree including Meritorious teacher of Mongolia, doctor professor Nyam-Osor N., doctor, professor, Meritorious teacher of Buryat Republic, Russian Federation Tsetsegmaa J., doctor of legal science, professor Sengedorj T., Dolgorsuren J., PhD Uchral N., Baatar Ch., Munkhjargal T., Bujinlkham B., Gantulga B., Khaisandai L.,  Bayarkhuu G., Narmandakh P., Gelegjamts Ts., Tumurchudur D., Batmunkh Ts., Bujidmaa Ts., Uuganbolor G., Dashzeveg B., Damba S., Batbayar Ts., Tsatsralt B., Ariunbold B., Khandsuren D., State Senior Judge, professor  Danzandorj D., associate professor Munkhjargal Z., Tuya G., Bulgamaa R and Galdaa B.
  • The citizens of local area can study at our branch schools in Darkhan and Erdenet.

Implemented Programs:

1PhD in Law3years
2PhD in History3years
3Master in Law1,6 years
4Master in Tourism1,6 years
5Master in Accounting1,6 years
6Master in History1,6 years
7Correspondence classes for lawyers with Bachelor Degree2,5 years
8Correspondence classes for accountants with Bachelor Degree2,5 years


Title and academic degreeNumber
2Associate professors6
3Senior lecturers27
5Practicing lecturers0