Regarding to the countries development and tendencies of market society it’s very important to provide environment with ecologically clean and inexpensive products, to create appropriate surroundings. Highly developed countries and their development phases and actions show that design art is a basis of the country’s existence, it leads production forward, improves economic efficiency.

There’s the World standard that fine arts development of a country presents its cultural level and   esthetic sense ofvalues.

Fine Arts, Design and Technology School (FADT) has been conducting teaching-researching and creating activities to prepare painters-artists, designers and architects who are able to accelerate this development’s dynasty.

We’re proud of that our graduates have been acquiring professional skills and achieving greater success.

Director Bat-Ayush L.


Our School (initial name – “Od”) was founded in 2000 on initiative of Gantulga Bold (PhD of Art Studies) – a head of Arts and Design Academy, which has implemented Bachelor Degree Programmes on fine arts and design specialties. We have joined to Ikh Zasag International University in 2010 as Fine Arts, Design and Technology School, have been carrying out educational, manufacturing, creative and scientific activities.

Since 2004 we have 360 graduates within 11 graduations.

The advantages

  • Our students participate in Fashion Design Festival “Spring Dressing” organized among design institutions and have received the awards for nominations: the ‘Best National CostumeDesign’, the ‘Best Fantasy’, the ‘Best Designer-Student’, ‘Good Promising Designer-Student’ several times.
  • FADT has been selected as the Best School of Design for 2012, 2013 years.
  • The students’ creations were selected as the best works in the exhibition “The students creations” organized under the auspices of the President of Mongolia for 4 years continiously.
  • We received the highest award in International Exhibition of Young Artists held in China.
  • Our students took the 1-st Place in scientific conference organized by Governor’s Office of Ulaanbaatar City among design and architectural institutions’ lecturers and students.

Students organizations:

Next student organizations have been operating at Fine Arts, Design and Technology School :

  • Designer Club;
  • 3D Club;
  • Color Sedimentary Club;
  • Star Club.

Implemented Programs:

1Architecture Design4 yearsSocial science, capability
2Graphic Design4 yearsMathematics, capability
3Fashion Design4 yearsSocial science, capability
4Interior Design4 yearsSocial science, capability
5Painting4 yearsSocial science, capability
6Sculpture4 yearsSocial science, capability


24 lecturers have been working in three Departments – Architecture Design, Design Technology and Fine Art including doctors, professors, highly specialized artists, designers,  inventors, technologists and engineers graduated from domestic and foreign countries’ (Russian Federation, Uzbekistan, Belarus and Vietnam) institutions.  Management Team of Architecture Design, Design Technology and Fine Art School consists of doctor, professor Gantulga B., Honored Worker of Art, professor, creater of Mongolian Banknotes Tserenpil D., Laureate of the StatePrize, painter Munkh D., Laureate of the StatePrize and Honoured Builder Choijiljav D. and the Best Officer of Culture Enkhtur G.